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Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals who love their craft. Each team member is flexible and understands that change is the only way to allow continuous improvement throughout our processes. This creates a dynamic and fun work environment as we are always pushing the envelope of the status quo. We build the future now.


Would you build your car in your garage? No, so why construct your house outside?  The structural elements of our homes are assembled in factories where we scrutinize over details to ensure the highest quality. Our process allows us to construct the shell of our homes in only a few days. 



To be a leader, you need to create new spaces. So we purchase land to construct our e-habs. It seems we had to take a global approach to our local communities in order to improve the quality of our new housing stock. 




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 604-516-9073 or fill out the following form


Head Office
Get a quote: 604-516-9073


22808 116th Avenue,

Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3N6



Phone:        604-516-9073

To apply for a job with Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Your cover letter must provide us with details of your passion, how you want to create positive change in our community, and your vision board for this year.  How can we assist you in completing your goals if we don't know that what they are?

Success! Message received.


OUR MISSION is to continuously strive to build the most innovative, safe, and sustainable communities through the connection of sustainable homes and eco-minded individuals




e-habs  =  Energy-efficient, Healthy, Affordable, Beautiful, and Sustainable homes


E - Energy efficient homes are created using the passivhaus standard . Our homes use 90% less energy than the average Canadian house so your energy bills are considerably less.


H -  Healthy homes are achieved by creating excellent indoor air quality by installing highly efficient HRVs, which acts as the lungs of the house. By applying passive solar design, the home enjoys natural lighting. Sustainable products are used that do not emit off gases . We can incorporate indoor farming so you're not too far away from nature. We measure our homes as part of our LCA calculation, which is a rating system for our Mother Earth.


A - Affordability is at the forefront of our design and finishes are kept to the standard accepted by the mass market. We place our homes in locations where the walk scores are high so you are a short stroll to your favorite places. Our flexible designs allow for opportunities to densify and have mortgage helpers assist in growing your net worth.


B - Beautiful homes are achieved by properly designing the function of the home before creating the form of the home. We make boxes look exquisite.


S - Sustainable initiatives should be added at every opportunity. We are constantly working towards constructing a 100% net zero / low carbon footprint home while ensuring extra costs are not passed onto the residents of our homes.  We are seeking customers, people demographic of Lohas (lifestyles of health and sustainability) and of (social urbanism) to build and showcase the beauty and value of sustainable homes, creating vibrant social urban communities.


For over 20 years, and we continue each day to work tirelessly, to ensure our passion of sustainable prefabricated homes is effectively implemented with the best processes and systems to construct the most sustainable homes. 


E-habs are coming to your neighborhood or be the first. We know you'll fall in love with them!




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